Something is hidden in plain sight in these selfies – Now her story is going viral

The woman below has had a very though road to recovery. You can see her incredible transformation after beating her heroin and meth habit. So incredible the photos went viral.

Dejah Hall took to social media to make people aware of the real affects of drug use. So she shared photos of herself before and after active drug use, she gained the applause from people across the web.
A booking photo from 2012 showed Hall looking disheveled and tired, in stark contrast to more recent photos.

“Today marks 4 years clean from heroin and meth. The top left is me in full blown addiction , I was a terrible iv user and like most, progressively got worse,” she wrote in a post that was shared on Love What Matters’ Facebook page.

“The bottom left is me the day I was arrested 12-6-12 and coincidentally the day I finally surrendered to God! With the help of God I am completing my BA and hope to one day be a prison minister. I have a beautiful 18 month old and everyday I thank God that I am not where I once was! Sobriety is Possible.”

Many internet users commented applauding the woman for turning her life around.

On said “Good for her, it’s amazing what God can do if we will only let him. God Bless Her,”

“Proud of you! I have 14 years clean myself! Been there, done all of this. Keep up the good work!” another commented on Love What Matters’ post.

Hall later posted a comment on the original post, thanking readers for supporting her.
“Thank you all for your love and support,” she commented. “I don’t know how my post got on here but I am hoping that it brings hope to you all who have family members in active addiction or who are fighting silent battles! I appreciate your kind words.”


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